nevskygirl said:
I love your hair! <3 You look like a modern Poison Ivy.

I wish <3 Thanks for the lovely compliment though!

Carby (ft. Ezra Koenig)


So, wait
Oh, it’s much too late
Oh, and I cannot be walking home
Until I’ve found my love
Oh, the other girls are driven home
So, where’s the freedom in the disco
If you’re all alone

Just got absolute abuse shouted at me by a 40ish year old man on a bike for walking a dog off the leash on a path that is for EVERYONE. Disgusting cunt & proof of why I hate most people.

'You could be my favourite faded fantasy'&#8230;new Damien Rice is mmm 👌💕

'You could be my favourite faded fantasy'…new Damien Rice is mmm 👌💕


We had an intense game of fetch today.
He was huffing and puffing and I had to take a photo!